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Texas tycoon, under  criminal investigation drives to Humboldt county moving “temporarily” into a counter culture neighborhood where all are mutually annoyed and entertained .


The targeted debut is local Public Access TV as a weekly situation comedy possibly filmed before a live audience. The scene is set in Humboldt County in the city of “EurKata.”

Contrary to popular opinion it is a human interest story based on real life in these parts with the antagonist being from somewhere else that is quite different than here. If you are interested in knowing more or contributing input email me info@kahishsworld.com or from my website at www.kahishsworld.com

Thank you for considering support in this creative venture. Sincerely, Kahish

Spring 2016



Another Mixed Up Day in Humboldt


Today it is so hot and windy here in Humboldt. The weather has changed significantly. It was so hot I found one lonely strawberry perfectly ripe with no sal bug burrows or snail devouring. It was so hot that the downstairs bedroom which are often cold and definitely cool otherwise where very warm. The windows I had open for air past two days and it is a dry somber heat here on the coast that knows only mold and mildew. So the plan was to spend time on the mix business. The internet took me hostage with updating website and accidently deleting main picture and not being able to find it again anywhere. Now this is the simple life. This is what most people are now finding a a regular day. Go figure. At least I have solice in the garden.

Earthday 2014


Earthday Hooray Hooray.



This is a comprehensive little songwriting primer and empowerment tool for intuitive expression in song. The book is $8 + S&H. If it is not yet listed on Paypal we can work through email to get you your copy. Thank you for considering this book for yourself  or as a gift.

Women in Music Night


Preparing for this concert and the Songwriting workshop that I will be giving the following day. I am in the middle of completing a Songwriters Primer. I will self publish it and it will also be available on this website..(if I can figure out how to change things on the paypal page. huhu




The Fair


OCF and beyond



Well it was a quite day on the home front. Apparently some of Humboldt county was celebrating the police infraction code 420 on 420 at 420. Me I was just on the phone and computer helping to set up a corporation that will be making a formula 42.0 what a co incidence? Maybe it is time to write a song...I will wait til 4:20 in the morning...that is usually when I wake up to hammer out words on paper. Otherwise I have to report that I was at the airport and will play there on may 5th cinco de mayo. More to come on that. all I know is there are a whole lotta people out there kind of up tight about lway too many things and maybe a little chilling out would help. I'm just saying...

Settling in


This is moonstone beach. I am back home although this winter we created a 2nd home in Paamul Mexico. More to come on that. 

Road Trip


I am sitting in a huge log house with spectacular view of Bull Lake near Troy Montana. We entered town a few days ago round dinner time and met our friend Bud at "The Floater".The restaurant at the pier has outdoor seating on a system of platforms attached to the restaurant that float on a lake. I could readily see if you have a few too many that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the wobble of the floor and the wobble of your mind. We met Buds neighbors and had a nice end of the season dinner before the Floater closes in the coming week..

We had left our friends near Salem, Oregon that morning. Al and Bea are friends that live part time in Paamul Mexico like we do.They are among the few we gravitated toward while there last winter. We tossed in this road trip before we fully get ready for trip back to Mexico. Our friends drive down so we carted a set of bocce balls and left them with Al and Bea to transport down.

I am hauling my guitar around as usual with little time to play. I just use the past two nights for practice time...I have a little gig when I get home. I have met two little girls here who are the grandchildren of the neighbor we met. Leiyla is raising the girls partially here  to have them go to school in Troy, which has tested to be one of the best schools in the country. You wouldn't think it amoungst this rural setting. The girls live in Spokane the rest of the time with their parents and older sibblings. Apearently the schools there are not so good. So I noticed the girls like to sing and have nice voices..Ages 5 and 13...so I am putting some songs to gether to share with them tonight. We are leaving in the morning and will head toward Oregon. I thought I would add a little blog here since I haven't since I put the site together. I have had the pleasure of getting a few good pictures. Silver Falls in Oregon and Kootenai Falls here in Montana...Spectacular nature everywhere we go.

Kahish welcomes the opportunity to share her creativity with you.


I am just working on my website with the tools from Host Baby. I already have a couple of CD's on CD Baby. They partner to help musicians get their stuff out there. I have had resistance since I wear so many hats. Then I began a dream list for  a website that included all that I do in a more organized fashion. Then Host Baby presented the opportunity and I am just having fun with it and putting all of me out there so if there is any one thing that resonates with someone that they will have an opportunity to have something that I have created.

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