Earthday 2014

It is the end of Earthday. It began in my world as a much needed rainy day. It was even cold. It was still nice to putter around the house and yard cleaning and enjoying the spring. The rain stopped early and little by little the sun opened it sleepy eyes and shined a bright awesome hello to all living things. It was perfect and it felt good. The phone rang as the health inspector had taken a wrong turn and was in another neighborhood. I gave her directions and she was still overdue when the phone rang again. She was near by in fact she could have parked her car and walked through the woods but it would have been a muddy walk so I got her to drive the correct way. She apologized for being late but I had hardly noticed since I was enjoying the day and did not mind whatever amount of time she thought she needed to inspect my kitchen so I can officially be permitted to prepare my mixes in a home kitchen. That is really exciting for I got the green light on Earthday...Hooray, Hooray. this is the hurdle I needed to get through before I go into any other artsy mode so do not expect paintings and cds for a bit. All Mixed Up In Humboldt is not just a metaphore...Hooray Hooray...Happy Happy Earthday.