Spring 2016

Spring is truly my very favorite time of year. I love all the new growth. Nature makes statements about letting go and moving on and accepting the baby starts of things unplanned. Some things just grow with the perfect combination of everything yet no part was instigated by human hands. Those are the herbs that grow in cracks and crevices whose entrance make a strong statement.

I like to share these things as that is what grows in the cracks and crevices of my mind giving me inspiration to create. I am not an artist that singled out a narrow goal packaged in predictable lines. I am containerless in my out pour of constant ideas that swim as hard as they can to be the one that takes root. My thoughts are tilling the soil. I am just making the new dirt rich and fluffy for the new seeds. I decided to put extra time in that process which is why I have no particularly 'new' music or 'art' pieces. I am working into a little groove of life. A nesting of sorts you might say.

Travel this past 12 months started with arriving back home after being in our Yucatan home 5 months. We sold it to have other options so my hunkering into art and music stayed fluid. I left behind paintings, murals, baskets and shell flowers that were my inspirations there. I brought home new words to songs that need a boost. Last summer was filled with do it yourself remodeling and painting of a more practical nature still my artistic expressions in all. Fall came and Italy became home for several months finishing my stay with a house concert on the Cilento coast. A group of friends old and new to filled my heart.

My home in Humboldt is always home and where the nuts and bolts of my every project are. It fills me up with all the beauty and gratitude that living here offers. Another kind of trip took me to Florida for the first time. I found some beauty there and good people but overall not my kind of place. Then back on the home front long enough to take my girls to Mexico to explore time together. I reconnected to friends and music. That was March, my Pisces celebrations and healing time to be with my talented grown daughters. the month of April brought me to Hawaii. Now here I am again right here in my Humboldt home blogging to get those creative juices flowing again with more purpose somehow. As time passes and aging experiences take toll, I am in not hurray because it is only this moment that has enough meaning to make any kind of sense. Spring passes in a flicker. The cycles carry on with or with out you. That is the magic of it all.