The Fair

It occurred to me that for a writer I am not using my blog. Now is not the time either as it is quite late but I was thinking of my last adventure to the Oregon Country Fair. It is a time I spend with my sister Daphne at booth #44 and the nieces and nephews and getting to know their children the substrata of the continuing family. The weekend is filled with magic in all forms. For each person it is up close and personal in what ever way the psyche has been conditioned to accept. The first pre-opening night was fraught with noise, Surprise? Well, I tried to compare the first night to the following nights and I think Thursday won out. The only people there would have been all the people who were a part of setting things up so the all night release of laughter and music was just part of the decor and fabric of the full experience of being at that venue. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it ultimately. My tent so it was in a bumpy sloped place. I spent most of my time in the company of my sister and her booth as it was the main reason that I was there. I had a few sample of my products to sell as well but readily ascertained that my stuff seems to need a stage of its own. I was often on task to sing the jingle that I wrote 2 years ago with the the children at hand about the mosquito repellant that Daphne makes, "Mosquidaddle" I really need to put it on a recording but pressing singles is hardly worth the while. Meanwhile the mosquitos,must they must they must skedaddle, now.