SONGWRITERS JUST MAKE STUFF UP - Songwriting primer by Kahish 68 pg book

I would call this an empowerment book for any level of songwriting skill. Designed to give the best possible approach to songwriting. You are never too young or too old to tell your story in a song. This short little songwriters guide gives  examples and stories about the processes involved in writing songs. This is the perfect gift for any aspiring songwriter. The tools are universal in life. Anyone reading "Songwriters Just Make Stuff Up" will get something special out of it.

Bent On Health' BACK HEALING IMAGERY - This CD is a tool to listen while relaxing in comfort of home

 Listen in comfort of your home. This is a hypnosis tape so you can not listen while driving.

Departure GATE 13 CD (available on CDbaby) - Latest release FEATURING "NAKED AT THE AIRPORT"

available on cd baby  


1. Naked at the Airport

2. We are the Changes

3. People, People

Un Altro Giorno (Another Day) CD - 12 song CD only available here


 12 songs includes special tribute song for the victims of 9-11 called "Another Day". The Album is title in Italian as this CD was made for friends in Italy. Mostly love songs with 4 covers including one from Lucio Battisti (Italian) La Canzone Del Sole.


Simply Elemental CD - Kahish and Susun


Live jam of 8 original songs with guitar and vocal Kahish and Violin ad lib by Susun Oneglia of Trinidad. The last song "White Man Mantra" is about running on coffee latte and cappuccino. It is more upbeat from the others and had never been practiced by Susun when I added it into our session. Sorry no sound bite..you'll have to trust me and buy a download or the whole CD. Thanks. Note Susan has been a healing practictioner for years and currently works with her own health issues. I would be honored to have her play on more of my recordings. she is ah-h-h-some in every way.

available http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kahish2

You Catch Me CD - 1st CD with 6 original songs

I went into the studio for the first time to record a few songs to donate one for a special local cause. One cut, "Get back to Basics" is on a compilation double CD called "Democracy Rocks" made locally with a total of 21 cuts from local musicians..

The last song "you catch me " I had just written music to a poem I wrote for a dear friend years before. I really liked the new song and had to record it. The song has morphed as it wasn't set when I recorded it. It was a bit long on this recording.

Available at CDbaby.com/kahish

Note cards/ Art by Kahish - Oil paintings on blank cards with envelopes and post cards

Pictures on  the Art Gallery  page.

Set of 6 notecards includes:

  1. Egret on the Wing
  2. Brass Band Rose
  3. Lounging Onions
  4. Fallen Hope
  5. Dahlias
  6. Cala-Livings

Set of 9 postcards includes:

  1. Flowering PairO'Chokes
  2. Dahlias
  3. Fallen Hope

All Mixed Up In Humboldt specialty seasoning & baking mixes - Enjoy unique wonderful flavors with good nutritive value

Every kitchen should keep a jar  handy.

     Originally these flavorful mixes were developed by Kahish in the most popular eatery of its time "Daybreak Cafe"  in Arcata California in the mid 90's to accommodate better alternative food choices.

     In 2005 Kahish opened up "Kahish's Catch Cafe"  in Trinidad, California and made a version of one of these spices for the home made french fries. It was called 'catch seasoning'. After selling the restaurant the original Daybreak Mixes made a popular come back. Contact Kahish for more information or go to her website specifically for these mixes at 'All Mixed Up In Humboldt'

Baking Mixes - whole grain flours and seed meal and even nuts.

Three different mixes make more than a dozen items.


Made with whole grains and healthy seeds. (vegan)