Kahish is a lyricist above most things. Her childhood was diverse, difficult and kind of out-of-the box. Her experiences shape rhythms and words creatively. Music was an obsession early on playing old 45's over and over to learn the words and music. Poetry was an interest at 10 when she wrote her first poem. By the time she began to play guitar at 16 she had a nice book of poems. After a while she put the words and music together and then songs began to pour through her like the true singer songwriters who express their environment and emotional state. The 60's had a profound influence on the musical definitions that Kahish draws upon. As a songwriter and visual artist, Kahish moves through color, sound, texture and emotion to express in tangible renderings for others to enjoy. The connection to people and spirit drives her on this journey.

So many different kinds of experiences have shaped a being who understands the base from which life thrives.                            

All Mixed Up In Humboldt

Mixed in Humboldt


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Kahish: You Catch Me

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