Redwood Rocks/Treatment 

Letter of Intention and Introduction to Redwood Rocks a situation comedy

                                                             written by Kahish Kverdasmith ©2012


We have it all right here actors, artists, musicians, film producers and an untapped resource (the homeless). I think the frustrations that have been expressed about unsolved problems and our political system can be transported into laughter while putting good information to use through this medium. Those who know me also know I am…

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Spring 2016 

Spring is truly my very favorite time of year. I love all the new growth. Nature makes statements about letting go and moving on and accepting the baby starts of things unplanned. Some things just grow with the perfect combination of everything yet no part was instigated by human hands. Those are the herbs that grow in cracks and crevices whose entrance make a strong statement.

I like to share these things as that is what grows in the cracks and crevices of my mind giving me inspiration to create. I am…

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Another Mixed Up Day in Humboldt 

Today it is so hot and windy here in Humboldt. The weather has changed significantly. It was so hot I found one lonely strawberry perfectly ripe with no sal bug burrows or snail devouring. It was so hot that the downstairs bedroom which are often cold and definitely cool otherwise was very warm. The windows I had open for air past two days and it is a dry somber heat here on the coast that knows only mold and mildew. So the plan was to spend time on the mix business. The internet took me hostage with…

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Earthday 2014 

It is the end of Earthday. It began in my world as a much needed rainy day. It was even cold. It was still nice to putter around the house and yard cleaning and enjoying the spring. The rain stopped early and little by little the sun opened it sleepy eyes and shined a bright awesome hello to all living things. It was perfect and it felt good. The phone rang as the health inspector had taken a wrong turn and was in another neighborhood. I gave her directions and she was still overdue when the phone rang…

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This is a comprehensive little songwriting primer and empowerment tool for intuitive expression in song. The book is $8 + S&H. you can order through me or off amazon. Thank you for considering this book for yourself  or as a gift.


"Humboldt  Rocks is the funniest thing I've ever read. I had to stop reading when my stomach hurt from laughing so much, but then I just  had to pick it up again and laugh some more.  At night, I  couldn't sleep because I kept  laughing out loud thinking  about Vetch. " 

Marilyn Sterling

The Fair 

It occurred to me that for a writer I am not using my blog. Now is not the time either as it is quite late but I was thinking of my last adventure to the Oregon Country Fair. It is a time I spend with my sister Daphne at booth #44 and the nieces and nephews and getting to know their children the substrata of the continuing family. The weekend is filled with magic in all forms. For each person it is up close and personal in what ever way the psyche has been conditioned to accept. The first pre-opening night…

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Well it was a quite day on the home front. Apparently some of Humboldt county was celebrating the police infraction code 420 on 420 at 420. Me I was just on the phone and computer helping to set up a corporation that will be making a formula 42.0 what a co incidence? Maybe it is time to write a song...I will wait til 4:20 in the morning...that is usually when I wake up to hammer out words on paper. Otherwise I have to report that I was at the airport and will play there on may 5th cinco de mayo. More to…

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All Mixed Up In Humboldt

Mixed in Humboldt


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