Ahh, If these boots could talk. Brand new right before I gave birth to my daughter, I posed in my maternity dress with my newest footwear. I then saved them and saved them..ready to give to my daughter who now matches my shoe size, a practical thought came over me.."she won't wear them. she has no need for them. She lives in Hawaii and wear flip flops." In this ponderous moment my neighbor stopped by and somehow I became appraised that her neighbor needed a good pair of garden boots and wore the same size as we all seemed to wear. They were finally passed on and the lady who I still have yet to meet was eternally grateful for them. Wow! yeah, that's what I said.”

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We love 'Naked at the Airport' - you really need to get that aired across America!  It's great to have our own copy - thank you!  Just your title alone grabs your attention." *Barbara Henerson/Arcata,CA  SIMPLY ELEMENTAL" REVIEWS:"Kahish I am so totally impressed with your amazing CD!!!!! Beautiful and healing - all of the tunes!!!!!! I've begun the song book too - Thank you!!" *Francesca/Brewery Gulch Inn; Mendocino. CA Your vocals and guitars playing are very in-the-moment and real!, in the best sense of the word" *Michael Lampert Jazz musician Sherman Oaks Ca  'checked out your two websites!  Excellent.  Some great songs (Naked in the airport) and products.  You are on the front line of the web generation!  congrats."  Matt Makowski Boulder Co. ” - Listeners

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