Un Altro Giorno (Another Day)

 8 are originals and 4 covers. All love type songs with a raw feel. Just Kahish and her guitar and voice. It is a nice CD. Un altro giorno means "Another Day". I named the album that as it was a gift for my Italian friends and family.  I wrote Another Day when I was in Italy as it is a tribute to victims of 911 as that was where I was 3 days before I wrote the song. The Italian song on the CD is called "La Canzone Del Sole" (the song of the sun). This song I really liked by Lucio Battisti.  He died at an early age but was a pop artist in Italy traveling Europe by bike and writing songs. This is an exceptionally great song. Everyone seemed to know it. I was taught by a medical student, 'Mimmo', who took great patience with me being that I knew no Italian at the time.

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